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Asthma Awareness (AA0017)
First Aid
Asthma Awareness (AA0017)
Asthma Awareness is a vital tool for parents in an ever changing world of allergies and environmental triggers. The purpose of this course is to provide parents and workers with the knowledge of how to identify an asthma attack and what basic...
Preventing Bullying and Harassment (ABH0017)
Workplace Safety
Preventing Bullying and Harassment (ABH0017)
“No one likes a bully and no one likes being harassed, yet it happens in workplaces every day. Do you know how to respond to a bully or a harasser?” This course helps to identify bullying and harassment in the workplace. It covers the...
Anaphylaxis Awareness (ANA0017)
First Aid
Anaphylaxis Awareness (ANA0017)
Our Anaphylaxis Awareness course is a must for anyone who works with children or anyone who works in the hospitality and events industry who may be in a position to assist someone who has had allergic reaction, before first aid arrives. It will...
Active Threat Response (ATA0017)
Personal Safety and Security
Active Threat Response (ATA0017)
“An active threat situation is one where you are under attack, in imminent danger and needing to escape or protect yourself from harm.” Through our Active Threat Awareness you will learn strategies and actions that you can take when...
Birthing Preparation Course (BPC0017)
Birthing Preparation Course (BPC0017)
Becoming a parent is one of life’s most rewarding and challenging times. Preparing for what’s to come during labour is vital for new expecting parents. This birth preparation or antenatal program focuses on the pre labour stages and what...
Bomb Awareness (BTA0017)
Personal Safety and Security
Bomb Awareness (BTA0017)
This course equips learners with the information they need to recognise potentially explosive devices or packages, and to understand their potential to do harm. Most importantly, learners are shown the best steps to take should they encounter...
Communicating in Professional Environments (COMM0018)
Professional Development
Communicating in Professional Environments (COMM0018)
How to Perform CPR (CPR0017)
First Aid
How to Perform CPR (CPR0017)
Use Digital Technology in the Workplace (DTW0017)
Basic Work Skills
Use Digital Technology in the Workplace (DTW0017)
This course covers the skills and knowledge required to organise and use appropriate digital technology to carry out routine tasks in the workplace.
Basic Estimating and Calculation at Work (EMC0017)
Basic Work Skills
Basic Estimating and Calculation at Work (EMC0017)
This course describes the skills and knowledge required to use routine measuring equipment, to convert units within the metric system, to estimate and calculate routine measurements including simple areas of rectangles and squares.